My Blog Is My Independence

I should start by saying Happy Fourth! I have had it in my thoughts to start a blog for years. I have always enjoyed reading them and I love writing in my journal. I think it is finally time to expand and place my notes into a digital journal. In no way do I consider myself a wonderful writer. What I do know is that I have had thoughts and conversations the I wish more people could be a part of.

I have gone through some big life changes and learned a lot from each experience. Someone once told me that I could waste my time learning from my own mistakes, or I can maximize my time while minimizing my pain by learning from others. Listen, I HATE wasting time so I want to save you that same trouble. I know I will be diving into this topic in the future, but I believe we were placed on Earth to connect with others. For thousands of years our species has passed down stories, knowledge, and wisdom. Why stop now?

I am not an expert and I am nowhere near the person I wish to be, but I am sure as hell working on becoming that woman every day. This blog will be my present truth. I understand that not everyone has the same truth, wisdom, or values. I entirely respect that. I am still growing and evolving and I don’t intend on stalling. I know some of my truths today will change tomorrow because I acknowledge the fact that there are things I don’t know. But I am learning.

The purpose of this blog is for me to document my journey. If my journey inspires at least one other person in this world to do something greater than they imagined for themselves, then my heart is happy. This blog is my way to express my truth. This blog is my freedom.

Thanks for reading peeps <3